Children Quotes: What Care Should Be Taken During Quarantine

Children Quotes

Children Quotes

Children Quotes: What Care Should Be Taken During Quarantine

Children Quotes

Children do learn what they live. Then they grow up to live what they’ve learned.


Children Quotes

Your children need your presence more than your presents.-

Jesse Jackson

Children Quotes

There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child.

Children Quotes

The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them.-

Frank A. Clark

What Care Should Be Taken During Quarantine

The quarantine determined by the health agencies does not mean that the child is on vacation. No going out to parks, cinemas, and outside activities, not even inside the condominium. So, what to do with quarantined children?

Following our guidelines, quarantine can become fun and safe. Keep reading!

First of all, why do children need to be quarantined?

No matter the age of the person, from the child to the elderly, everyone needs to stay home during the pandemic. Even those who are not part of the risk group. The explanation is that a person may not show symptoms of the coronavirus, but still pass it on to others.

“We work, who can we leave children with?”. This is a relevant question, because the tendency is to leave children with their grandparents, which is extremely dangerous.

Ask for help for another relative, who also have no contact with the elderly and are not at risk, to take care of their children. In this case, the person must come home and follow the entire disinfection ritual.

As we said, children can carry the virus.

What are the most important precautions?

There are many precautions, both with infection prevention and domestic security. In all cases, parents should keep an eye out, so there is no risk.

Do not go outside

It is a fact that children really enjoy playing and socializing with groups of the same age, and this is fundamental for child development. But in times of pandemic, a simple contact like that in the late afternoon can be dangerous.

The common areas of the building, such as the swimming pool, playgrounds, etc., should be avoided, as they are favorable places for agglomeration. Also, the surfaces may be contaminated, offering a great risk.

Do not take children to the home of relatives and friends

Ideally, children should not leave the house to visit relatives, even when no family member is ill. The habit of visiting relatives can indeed be dangerous. On the way, the chances of being infected are also great.

Avoid visits, especially if the visitor is in the coronavirus risk group, as is the case with grandparents, for example.

Beware of chemicals

Chemicals are everywhere, and we often don’t realize how dangerous they are. We are talking about solvents, cleaning products, hygiene products, etc.

The labels already warn that they are not within reach of children. Therefore, follow the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Do not allow entry into the kitchen

In the kitchen, the risk of burning is imminent. Therefore, do not allow your child to go near the stove, pans, and flammable objects. Even when you’re not cooking. Store lighters and matchboxes in suspended locations.

Beware of small objects

Babies, who still have a habit of putting objects in their mouths, need to be watched by their parents. This care must start with the purchase of toys.

In general, small objects are a risk for children of this age. Keep them in a safe place for everything that may contain small parts, such as remote controls, toys, etc.

Entertainment Tips

The negative effects of quarantine, such as stress and anxiety, can be minimized with some activities:

  • Play with the kids on the patio.
  • Encourage educational games.
  • See films with children’s themes.
  • If possible, buy a new game for children.
  • Make a camp in the living room or patio of the house, to escape the routine.
  • Follow school tasks, if the child is studying online.
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