Importance of Friendship Quotes + is there life without friendship?

Is there life without friendship?

Importance of Friendship Quotes

Importance of Friendship Quotes + is there life without friendship?

Importance of Friendship Quotes

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Life without friends is death without witness. -Elden Benge

Importance of Friendship Quotes

True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.- Baltasar Gracian

Importance of Friendship Quotes

Friendship is Love without his wings! -Lord Byron

Importance of Friendship Quotes

Friendship with ones self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Is there life without friendship? (Importance of Friendship)

We observe that psychology sheds much light on friendship. The first concerns your essence: what is it that makes friends so important in life?

Friendship is one of the modalities of love.

An unexpected discovery

Friendship differs from other interpersonal relationships by being an unexpected, gratuitous discovery. Friends are not given to us, but they become part of us: we would not be the same without them. They establish the space and time of our existential coordinates.

Friendship takes time. Neuroscience validates Aristotle’s claim by tracing his footprint in the cycle of life. For example, in the foliage of neural networks built thanks to past emotional relationships. This psychic strength allows a flexible opening to the present and a confident projection into the future.

In the structure of the personality, friendly relationships sift the affections with intensity, recreate the intelligence from intimacies, and are manifested in commitments of the will. Thus, the friend’s dreams and joys are assumed as their own: thinking, feeling, and loving others.

Loneliness being in the company.

However, the feeling of loneliness can occur even when in a company. Indeed, the influence of the environment, of the culture that surrounds us, is great. The features of society color the relationships of each generation with their own nuances. These differential trends are manifested in the friendship quality scales.

Currently, there is talk of “liquid relationships,” that is, unreliable. Maybe that’s why alarm voices impelling restore the social fabric, to forge heard weavers’ relations.

Some research associates the degree of happiness with the number of friends rather than the friendship’s intensity. But the truth is that everyone has their own unique relational style, and it is affordable for everyone to achieve a personal encounter.

The ideal is to find the proportion and place the personal center of gravity in a middle point between the withdrawal inward and the overflow. At one extreme would be the antisocial person with the fear of others; in the other, the gregarious flees from the inner emptiness.

More suicides in individualistic societies

Is friendship overrated? This does not appear to be the case, since intensely individualistic societies have the highest suicide rate. This hard fact makes us see the meaning of friendship.

The essence is that we are relational beings. The person understands herself by going out of herself to meet another self. Looking only within herself, she sinks into darkness. We need to feel that someone trusts us. We want to hear: “How nice that you exist. I can’t imagine life without you”.

That is why the educational task could be summarized in sharpening the conscience. Teach how to read the language of nature, awaken the love of life. Being able to discover the beauty enclosed in each being.

The attitude of looking at the good makes it easier to love the other well, to want their good.

That is precisely what friendship consists of, in loving the friend, in knowing how to forgive. This is only possible from personal knowledge that leads to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Loving ourselves as we are to love others as they are.

More or less lasting friendships

We all have the experience of more or less lasting friendships. What is the difference between them? We speak of circumstantial friends, good friends, and close friends because of the degree of mutual knowledge.

Friendship is consolidated by sharing a passion by striving to improve society. Still, it always requires setting aside time and cultivating relationships despite the apparent urgency that professional life presents us with.

It is impossible to lead a full life without friends, so it is worth cultivating a rich interior, capable of opening up to quality friendships: stable and positive. A determined personality, who does not react to how others treat him, carries his own personal style, always ready to cultivate a “white rose.”

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