Lips Quotes: Protect your lips from the sun this summer

Lips Quotes

Lips Quotes

Lips Quotes: Protect your lips from the sun this summer

Lips Quotes

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Lips Quotes Lips Quotes Lips Quotes Lips Quotes Lips Quotes Lips Quotes

Protect your lips from the sun this summer

Summer is approaching and with it the high temperatures, long hours exposed to the sun’s rays, and happy times on the beach. Although we do not realize it, all this can have a negative effect on our skin, so we must take care of it, especially at this time of year.

Lips Quotes

Our lips are a great source of beauty and sensuality on our face, and more than ever in summer, we must protect them from the sun and dryness so that they look as spectacular as the rest of the year.

How the sun and the beach affect our skin

The sun is very beneficial for our health. Our body needs vitamin D that it receives only from it and which potentially helps normal bone formation. However, abusing the time of exposure to the sun’s rays or the lack of protection can be harmful for us:

  • Although we get brown when we sunbathe a lot because more melanin is produced in our skin, it also becomes more elastic, producing more wrinkles on our face and body over the years.
  • The long exposure to sunlight may also become important to create us burns. The less intense ones can cause us great pain, but the strongest can take us to the hospital and seriously endanger our health.
  • When we are on the beach, we do not have any building or shade to shelter us, unless we carry an umbrella. Therefore, it is very important that we are not in full sun in the hottest hours and no more than an hour and a half a day.
  • Staying hydrated at all times and applying proper sunscreen or cream will also help us take care of our skin and avoid the appearance of unwanted burns, spots, or wrinkles.

How to care for your lips to prevent them from being dry or chapped

To keep lips smooth and beautiful in summer, we must always keep them well hydrated. They dry out or crack because we are not drinking the necessary amount of water or are in a place with an extreme climate, either very cold or very hot.

Due to the high temperatures in summer, our body asks for more water, and we must provide it properly. This way, we will feel better physically, and our lips will notice the difference. Exposure to the sun also affects the skin of our lips. Therefore, just as we apply sun protection to our skin and hair, we must also apply it to our lips so that they do not dry out on the beach :

  • Every time we bathe in the sea, we must let our skin dry slightly and apply the sunscreen and lip balm again. If we have cuts on the lips, we must avoid at all costs running our tongue over it constantly or stretching the skin, since this will only worsen the condition of the skin and make the cuts more obvious.
  • It is best to apply a cocoa bar or some moisturizing lipstick in order to make our lips return to their beautiful natural state. Also, always breathing with the mouth helps our lips suffer even more.
  • Having constantly moistened lips helps the flora spread on our skin in the mouth and can cause annoying mouth sores. If that happens, we must always keep the lips dry and hydrated.
  • We can apply some cream provided by a doctor or pharmacist or petroleum jelly, which will also help the regeneration of dry skin on the lips. Even if you apply protection, if the dryness or wounds persist, you should go to a professional to give you the appropriate treatment to have healthy and sensual lips again.


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