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Sleep Quotes + 5 Tips for a good night’s sleep in hot weather

Sleep Quotes

Sleep Quotes

Sleep Quotes + 5 Tips for a good night’s sleep in hot weather

Sleep Quotes

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When you lie down, you will not be afraid. Your sleep will be sweet.” – Proverbs 3:24

Sleep Quotes

“A well spent day brings happy sleep.” – Leonardo de Vinci

Sleep Quotes

5 Tips for a good night’s sleep in hot weather

When the temperatures hardly drop at night, and the air is in the room, many people think of sleep. But with a few tips, you can sleep well even in summer in the hot weather at night.

Choose the right laundry

Use breathable sleeping clothes for your nightly rest. Light cotton clothing that absorbs sweat well is ideal. Many people swear by functional underwear. This clothing actively conducts moisture and heat away from the body. In any case, avoid clothing that is too tight. Sleeping naked is also an alternative if you feel comfortable doing it.

Also, equip yourself with thin blankets to prevent excessive heat storage in bed. You can find special summer duvets in specialist shops. When it is very hot, the sheet or blanket cover is enough.

However, putting clothes or bedding in the refrigerator or freezer before bed is not a good idea. The effect may be pleasant at first, but then the item of clothing can quickly become damp, too cold, or uncomfortable. In addition, the clammy material can interfere with the transport of heat out of the body.

Make sure there is good ventilation

The windows should be closed from morning to evening. After you ventilate the room in the morning, lower the blinds, or draw the curtains. This helps prevent heat from building up in the rooms. Of course, fans or air conditioning systems are also suitable for cooling down in your own four walls.

Do not open the windows again until you go to bed to let in the cool, fresh air from outside. Caution: Be careful with drafts. Make sure your room doors are closed when you go to bed so that you don’t wake up with a cold the next morning. You should also switch off the fan at night if possible.

Don’t drink too much

Of course, it’s important to drink plenty of water during the day when it’s hot. However, you shouldn’t overdo it before going to bed so as not to interrupt your night’s sleep by going to the toilet. Also, refrain from alcoholic beverages. These not only increase the urge to urinate, but also ensure a shallow sleep. You should also avoid fatty and heavy foods in the evening.

Cold shower for a good night’s sleep?

Taking a cold shower before bed sounds like a good way to quickly get rid of a feeling of warmth in the body. But you’ll sleep better if you avoid cold showers. The cold water causes the vessels to contract, and the heat can no longer be transported out of the body as well. Alternating showers are better, starting with the cool water and ending with the warm one.

Don’t roll around sleepless for long

If you still can’t sleep after 20-30 minutes, you should get up and do something else. Read a book or listen to relaxing music, and don’t go back to bed until you feel tired. A calming herbal tea with lemon balm, valerian, or lavender can also help you fall asleep.

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