Sunscreen Quotes +  5 Mistakes when applying sunscreen that almost everyone makes

Sunscreen Quotes

Sunscreen Quotes

Sunscreen Quotes +  5 Mistakes when applying sunscreen that almost everyone makes

Sunscreen Quotes

“Sunscreen is my number one beauty product that goes on even when I am indoors”. Liz Goldwyn

Sunscreen Quotes

“Sun protection doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive — it needs to be consistent…” -Hillary Fogelson

Sunscreen Quotes

The cold war isn’t over. When national borders fail, the epidermis is the last line of defense. We are counting on you.

Sunscreen Quotes

5 Mistakes when applying sunscreen that almost everyone makes

Going outside without sun protection is a very bad idea. Because after a few minutes, there is a risk of nasty sunburn.

Fortunately, most people know the importance of putting on lotion. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly feel safe, because a few nasty traps lurk when applying the cream. In the worst case, there is a risk of irreparable skin damage despite sunscreen.

We’ll tell you the most common mistakes when applying lotion and how to do it better!

# 1 Put on the wrong sunscreen

Many people make the mistake of using sunscreen that has a sun protection factor that is too low. Which sun protection factor is the right one depends on the skin type, but also on the UV index.

The lighter the skin and the higher the UX index, i.e., the UV radiation, the higher the required sun protection factor. Also, make sure that the sunscreen is waterproof – whether you go into the water or not. Because the sunscreen can also be “washed off” by sweating.

In general, it is better to use sun creams with a higher sun protection factor than products with a low SPF. Children, in particular, should always be provided with a special SPF 50 children’s sun cream. And: sun creams usually offer more protection than sprays or gels. So if you are on holiday in the south or in the mountains, it is better to use creams.

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to skin reactions, especially on the face, you should use a special face sun cream.

# 2 Use old sunscreen

Probably each of us still has opened tubes of sunscreen at home somewhere. The temptation is great to apply it to yourself simply. But sunscreen has a limited shelf life, usually 12 months after opening. If the sunscreen is older, the protection can decrease.

In particular, those who expose the sun cream to direct sunlight and heat run the risk that it no longer provides reliable protection. If the sunscreen has changed in consistency, smells strange, or is discolored, discard it.

# 3 First apply in the sun

Many people make a mistake and only apply cream when they are already in the sun. The problem: Not all UV filter substances work immediately after application. If you lie in the sun freshly creamed, you risk sunburn.

Better: wait 20-30 minutes after applying the cream for the first time and only then go into the sun. Then the sun cream is absorbed into the skin, and the UV protection has built up completely.

# 4 Apply lotion when you’re already dressed

The third mistake often goes hand in hand with the second, because if you put on the sunscreen, you usually wear clothes. The danger that then exists: When putting on lotion, areas are forgotten because you don’t want to get the clothes dirty. The result: classic sunburn along with the bikini straps or along the hem of the swimming trunks.

Better: apply lotion before getting dressed and only put on your bathing suit when the sunscreen has been absorbed. This not only prevents sunburn, but also prevents stubborn sunscreen stains on clothing.

# 5 Using too little sunscreen

Another typical mistake when applying lotion: You simply use too little sunscreen. When it comes to sun protection, the motto is: A lot helps a lot. An adult should apply four tablespoons of cream to themselves. Children accordingly less. Make sure that all parts of the body are adequately covered with sunscreen.

Tip: If you don’t like the sticky feeling after applying lotion, you should use special sports sunscreen. It doesn’t leave an unpleasant film on the skin and is, therefore, more pleasant when you work up a sweat.

If you don’t put on enough sunscreen, you may get tanned faster, but also red faster. And the tan that occurs after sunburn doesn’t last long because the skin often peels. Those who tan more slowly and healthily have a summer complexion for much longer.

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